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Accentuate Your Home with Accent Furniture

Bring a little extra flair to your living room, your bathroom, and every room in your home with beautiful accent furniture from Home Furnishing Center. Our large and diverse collection of home décor gives you the home accent tools to sprinkle personality on any space.

Partitions make a great addition to smaller floor plans. Use them to, not only, exude style but portion the room and give it a more spacious feeling. We offer many home storage chests and cabinets to add extra storage to your home with an attractive and subtle house decoration. Shop these accent furnishings and more online and at our Woodhaven, NY home décor stores.

Elegant & Functional Room Dividers & Partitions

A partition, also known as a room divider, can transform a small space and accentuate a large one. Place a beautiful, triple-panel room divider in a minimalist floor plan, such as a studio or one room apartment, and feel the space expand. The partition will give off the impression that the floor plan is extremely spacious.

Utilize accent furniture such as partitions as home décor in larger floor plans. Place the room divider on a wall or in a corner to draw attention to the space and accentuate surrounding home decorations.

Our supply of home accent furniture is large containing a variety of room dividers in a multitude of traditional, contemporary, and artful aesthetics.

Beautifully Crafted Home Storage

Home storage is a necessity but, how do you add more storage in a way that is pleasing to the eye? Shop our enormous collection of home storage chests and cabinets to find stunning modern and classic home storage options for the living room, bathroom, and every room.

Accessory Sets for Any Room

Punctuate any room with one of our many accessory sets. We offer plenty of bundles of home decorations to accent your home. Shop our extensive collection of home décor options including accent furniture such as bronze candleholders, antique jar collections, and stately picture frames which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Shop Our Home Accent Furniture Collection

Visit Home Furnishing Center in person at our Woodhaven, NY locations for discount accent furniture and home décor you can’t find anywhere else for prices this low.

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