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Crest Financial at Home Furnishing Center

In addition you might be asked to provide the following documents:

30 day bank statement

• Valid state photo ID
• Most recent proof of income.
• Voided personal Check

If applying between January and June, customer must submit a December paystub or W-2 from previous year. 

Length of Employment & Income is verified by at least one of the following documents:

• Current Paystub with YTD.
• Social Security or Disability Benefit Letter stating how long you've received benefits, and how much you receive.
• Letter from employer (on company letterhead) stating length of employment and gross YTD.
• If you are self employed, you must have a form 1099 and current bank statement, or a business license and the last 3 months of bank statements.

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Synchrony Financial at Home Furnishing Center

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